Paw To Heart Philosophy
You deserve to be supported in your time of loss, and have your feelings honored and understood.
Your animal companion was an integral part of your family and not "just a pet."
Your relationship with your animal family member was sacred and deserving of respect.
Even death cannot break a bond so strong as that which a true animal lover shares with an animal companion.
No one has the right to try to fix, shame, or silence your grief...we all mourn in our own way
and in our own time.
We can heal, learn and grow from our losses only if we are willing to walk through the pain.
A new animal companion can bring love and life back into your world, but cannot be expected to take away your grief.
Eventually most people will risk loving again, and will come to accept and enjoy the new animal companion for the unique individual that he or she is.
Sharing our stories with others (as in a support group) can help us feel less isolated; however
it is also important to protect ourselves from those who invalidate, judge or dismiss our feelings...avoid those who are insensitive to your loss.

Although you may feel that you will never get over losing your best will get through it.